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Walking to Yoga class

Make 2024 Your Year for Self Nurture

What are you looking for from a yoga practice? For many of my students its a combination of de-stressing, improving flexibility and ultimately taking time out to find a bit of peace and tranquility.

I love sharing the gifts a yoga practice can bring. I look forward to seeing you on your mat some time soon x


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At the Heart of Wild Earth Yoga is Transformation, the belief that when we begin to connect with our physical body it can become the foundation stone for a journey into self awareness and self knowledge.


When we learn to know what feels right in our body it is a felt experience. Beginner students at Wild Earth Yoga learn this key aspect of practicing yoga from the start. A felt experience is a heart and head experience. In the West we have been conditioned to think our brain is top dog. When the message from your brain is so powerful it is easy to ignore what the rest of your body is saying - sound familiar?


Wild Earth Yoga's philosophy it to encourage you to tune into your body and heart, through breath work, movement, meditation and grounding. Learn to quiet your mind and turn your senses inwards. Focus your full attention on you and what you need, this is the place where your journey of transformation can begin.

Learn to connect with the Earth - Feel rooted and secure



What does it mean in the context of yoga?  


Practice yoga regularly and you are likely to experience change, transformation. Change often starts at the physical level e.g. becoming stronger, improving your sleep or kneeling without pain. The physical practice of yoga, moving your body through a series of postures, is generally where we all start. It is the beginning of the journey.

We require balance, homeostasis, for good health. That means paying equal amounts of attention to our physical, emotional and psychological well being. A regular yoga practice can help. When we begin to understand and experience the heart, mind, body connection this is when we become open to the possibility of change and growth. And this can be when we begin to really take care of our own bodies.

"The study of asana is not about posture; its about using posture to

understand and transform yourself" BKS Iyengar

The practice of yoga, both on and off the mat has the capacity to challenge your thinking and therefore your behaviour. It is a personal choice to take what you learn on the mat into your life. Change can often occur when we least expect it. Paying more attention to the simple act of breathing, learning practices that will help calm and balance a frantic mind is invaluable and can be used anywhere. What we practice in class can become a support in day to day living.

"The more we open to the possibilities of yoga, the more we can choose

to grow and transform."  JA Wolkenstein



If you remember the Good Life, an old sit com back in the 1970's, you'll remember Margo, played by Penelope Keith, an elegant kaftan wearing character. I was a child at the time and Margo's experiment with yoga was my first introduction to yoga. 

That programme left its mark but It wasn't until my early 30's that I seriously started to practice yoga. I was busy, tired and stressed from a demanding job in London, I needed to unwind.


By the end of my first class I was hooked, I joined an Ashtanga yoga class, traditionally taught for 1.5 hours, it was wonderful and I had the best nights sleep. A convert from the beginning I started practicing twice a week and fell in love with Ashtanga yoga

Yoga has been a part of my life since that time, I have been a student for at least 24 years. I finally achieved a long held ambition to train to become a yoga teacher and have been teaching since 2019.

Why "Wild Earth Yoga?"

Over the years I have learnt how important it is for my own wellbeing, for me to feel grounded, connected to the Earth, to feel secure and supported. It has been yoga that has taught me how I can keep myself grounded. It has been essential to my health.

I'm a tree hugger, I love to earth (walk barefoot), practice yoga in nature and feel the contact of earth to skin, it's powerful and deeply reassuring. During the difficult times of my life I have used the simple practice of grounding in Mountain pose/Tadasana to bring myself back to homeostasis/balance. The connection to Earth has been profound and healing,.

A whole practice

Years ago I discovered the complete joy of practicing yoga whilst being fully present with mind and breath. At a level where you practice without distraction, or a deluge of thoughts, where only the connection of mind with breath and movement exists, this is where the temporary state of bliss can exist.

It's important to me that Wild Earth Yoga students experience the full range of benefits of yoga, not just the postures. Our classes always use breath/pranayama techniques, most include some form of meditation and many classes draw on yogic philosophy and modern thinking.

Qualifications - Coaching & Yoga

I am qualified to teach the following styles of yoga and have a special interest in the peri-menopause and menopause and personal development. I am also a trained chef with a focus on plant based diets and eating to support optimum health.


  • 200 hour teacher training certificate YAP

  • Yin Yoga level 1 with Sarah Lo

  • Trauma Informed Restorative Yoga with Deborah Berryman

  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Dawn Wright

  • Yoga Nidra with Dawn Wright


  • Certified Coach - Optimus Coaching Academy

  • NLP Master Practitioner  


Diploma in Food and Wine, Leiths School of Food and Wine

““Such an amazing day thank you. I really needed a whole day just for me. Beautiful practices, setting and food. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Much love x””

Attendee from our Autumn Retreat 2021

"Thank you for your encouragement and teaching - brilliant!"

Ann Gibbons


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