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Self Care .... what does yours look like?

I have a friend who regularly has a cup of tea in bed before she gets up in the morning. I love this idea, its a little bit indulgent and a very gentle way to wake up and prepare for the day ahead.

And I have to say it’s not an unfamiliar experience to me as a child and a teenager. When ever I was visiting my gran, without fail she would wake me up in the morning with a cup of tea and a couple of Rich Tea biscuits. It was such a treat.

The shocking truth is that I very rarely do this for myself as an adult and yet I know how much pleasure I would receive from this very simple act of 'self care'.

When I look a little closer at why I don't treat myself with kindness in this way I easily recognise how the habit of waking and rising and the urgent need to attend to the many demands of my day, and that's even at the weekend, pile in and take control of my time.

Of course this is what I choose to do and actually I've forgotten the simple joy of going slow in the morning and the potential benefits it holds. So I've made myself a promise, I'm going to take it easy on a Sunday morning, that may mean a cuppa in bed, a lie in or a slow breakfast. I know my inner self will thank me.

Learning to treat ourselves in this way, however that looks, is a simple act of Self Kindness and Self Love. In yogic philosphy this belongs to Ahimsa, the practice of treating self and others with kindness and compassion.

So my question to you is "How do you show up for yourself?" "What small act of kindness do you do for yourself on a regular basis?"

Ahimsa translates to Non-violence, in other words to live by kindness and compassion, both towards yourself and all sentient beings. Does your yoga practice go beyond the mat. How do you practice Ahimsa? Do you? And can it include self care?

Maybe make a choice today to do some small thing for yourself that will support you and your wellbeing. And know that when you fill your own cup up, its easier to genuinely do the same for others.

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